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We've been around for a long, long time...

Since 1974, the "Duck" has been performing its unique brand of Australian folk songs and dance to audiences large and small at festivals, community & corporate events and schools across Australia and overseas.

Major WA events include the ANZAC Day Breakfast at Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, the Masters Swimming Championships and WAs biggest naturalisation ceremonies. The end of 2009 found the band at Government House for the Governor of WA and in early 2010 a function for the Prime Minister Kevin Rudd during his visit to Perth. In 2013 Mucky Duck performed at the Australia Day Skyworks on Perth water.

Entertaining Colonial Heritage...

Our concert spots are entertaining and informative and pay homage to our Colonial heritage, ideal for Heritage fairs and historical events. Our Aussie sound and look is also great for tourism events. Songs range from tourist favourites such as Waltzing Matilda and the National Anthem through traditional Aussie folk to contemporaries such as John Williamson, as well as originals in the Bush Band style. The music is lively and has broad appeal, ideal for family events - we play mostly acoustic instruments and at family-friendly sound levels.

The dances are fun, easy to learn and tailored to suit different age groups, from pre-primary to grandparents to the whole family. Our expert dance callers explain the steps beforehand as well as during the dance. Have a look at our YouTube video (see link below) to see how it's done.

Many WA children have been to one of our school shows and are familiar with our dances. Parents are often heard to exclaim: "You played at MY primary school".


What we can provide  ...

If required, we can supply our own PA, often saving considerable cost.

We can also supply stage lighting and short runs of power cabling.

We are also insured and our gear has electrical test tags.

A great time with all dances taught in a fun way as we go along. 

Australian bush dancing

What we need you to provide ...

We need you to provide shelter if wet or very hot.

If you think it necessary, you can provide a stage. Although a stage would be wonderful, we are still comfortable to play on dry ground. We would need a floor area of approximately 5m x 2m to perform.

You would also need to provide good 10amp power (the normal sockets) within 25 M or so of the performance area.

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